Beer Review: Gold – Butcombe Brewery Co.

After digging through my trove of beers I’ve unearthed one last treat from my good friend Matty. Part of the beers that he gave me, what feels like a decade ago now but is realistically only been a month. This is another new brewery for me in the form of Bristol born Butcombe Brewing Co. This is their flagship ‘Gold’ golden ale at 4.4% ABV … Continue reading Beer Review: Gold – Butcombe Brewery Co.

Beer Review: Orkney Gold – The Orkney Brewery

The elusive double upload today! Despite doing the Taproom Talk I still fancied doing a classic beer review. This is a new brewery for me all the way from the Orkney Islands with The Orkney Brewery. This was given to me by grandparents as even they have been absorbed into my beer world! This ‘Orkney Gold’ is unsurprisingly a golden ale and coming in at … Continue reading Beer Review: Orkney Gold – The Orkney Brewery

Beer Review: Exmoor Gold – Exmoor Ales

The penultimate ale that my friend Matty gave me but the last that I drank while on holiday. I’ve got one more tucked away at home waiting for an opportune moment. This is another new South West brewery, Exmoor Ales, with their flagship Exmoor Gold. Touted as the first modern Golden Ale first brewed in 1986, these are the slightly more old school beers that … Continue reading Beer Review: Exmoor Gold – Exmoor Ales

Beer Review: Pedigree – Marston’s

We are going old school today with a beer my Dad used to drink in his youth! This beer is from one of Britain’s oldest brewers and industry giants Marston’s. Pedigree has been part of their staple range for decades at this point and is a bottle conditioned amber ale. Not something I’d pick up myself usually but I was having a chat with Dad … Continue reading Beer Review: Pedigree – Marston’s