Pretty Decent Beer Co.

This is the first post in what is hopefully a new series for the blog. I want to try different things with my writing but still have it centered around beer and food! Taprooms are essentially bars owned by a brewery that are also often right next to the brewery themselves. This means the beer you are getting is guaranteed to be as fresh as you like. There’s also the opportunity to try special brews that are unlikely to be in shops, bars or pubs as they are often more experimental. This is the the first post lock-down taproom/brewery I’ve had the chance to go to and so I wanted to write about it. I don’t really want these to come off as a review as I don’t think that’s fair to the hardworking brewery (especially in these stranger times). As such I’ve gone with Taproom Talk for this series (suggestions for a name change greatly welcome) to give a little bit of info on the brewery, the tap room and what my experience there was like!

It seemed appropriate that my first taproom was the closest to my home. This is Pretty Decent Beer Co. based out of a railway arch in Forest Gate, East London. Arches are becoming increasingly popular, albeit increasingly expensive, places to set up bars and breweries. Established in 2016, inside the arch they used to house a 40+ capacity taproom but with Covid they decided to scrap it for the time being and focus on expanding the brewery. They currently have plans to bring in some more kettles I believe and the hope is to expand into the adjacent arch to bring back the taproom in the near future (when things have settled down of course).

The current setup under the arch with their canning machine as well.

Currently the taproom is open weekends and is slightly weather dependent. At the moment it is alfresco drinking with benches set up along the outside of the entrance. A slight drizzle didn’t dampen our spirits when my friend and I went, in fact it was really lovely drinking outside. They’d had a very busy period leading up to the bank holiday weekend so were out of many of their cans. However, they had four beers on tap of which I tried three. Their flag ship XPA and two small batch and limited brews: Hazy IPA and Tropical IPA. I’m sure they get this a lot but all three were pretty decent. In fact more than that they were delicious, particularly their XPA which was so lovely I bought a can of it to give it it’s own dedicated review! The fact that they were low on other cans wasn’t too disheartening as it simply means I’ll have to head back to check them out again.

Lovely pint of their incredibly smooth XPA in a recyclable cup of course.

My only issue with Pretty Decent is how long it took me to finally get down there! Chris (I believe I have the name correct) on the door was really friendly and happy to answer questions and let me take a snap of the inside. The beers are absolutely delicious and for every pint or can sold some of the money goes towards charity which is absolutely class if you ask me. These include a local food bank and Pump Aid who help tackle water poverty in Malawi. If you like the sound of all of this and you don’t mind being outside get yourself down to the taproom. Or if the rain is a bother they do free beer delivery to North and East London! I personally can’t wait to get back over there.

Thanks for taking the time to read if you got his far! Any advice on this style of blog is greatly appreciated and let me know if there are things you’d like to know about other taprooms that I my have forgotten when writing this one!

Additional Information:

Address: 338 Sheridan Rd, London E7 9EF



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