Beer Review: Chatsworth Gold – Peak Ales

Today’s beer review is my second pick up from my trip to the Peak District. It’s another from Peak Ales but this time a more subdued beer from their core range, rather than the zany ‘Cebula’. It’s their ‘Chatsworth Gold’ a golden ale brewed with honey from the Chatsworth Estate and coming in at 4.6% ABV.

Visually the beer pours clear amber in the glass with a very nice white head. The aroma of the beer is very fresh with a piney and slightly floral nose. The beer has quite a malty and slightly bitter body to it. That said, there is a sweetness that comes through fairly clearly. Then on the finish those British hops give the beer a lingering bitterness.

A quick note on the bottle art: Quite a busy and distracting design. The colours are nice with the navy, cream and gold working well together.

I’m quite a fan of of golden ales, and it’s probably my favourite traditional British beer style but this one didn’t quite hit the spot for me. I think for me personally the level of bitterness made this less smooth drinking than I would have liked. I did however enjoy the sweetness added from the honey as it made a decent contrast to the bitterness. A solid golden ale but not my favourite.

Score: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

Additional Information:

  • Hops: Goldings and Fuggles
  • Malt: Not Available
  • IBU: Not Available
  • ABV: 5.3%
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: No
  • Purchase Price: £3.80
  • Purchase Location: Cheese and Wine Emporium, Bakewell

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