Mother Kelly’s (Stratford)

Your eyes do not deceive you, this is not a beer review but a Taproom Talk entry on my blog! It has been far too many months since we’ve been able to have a drink at a taproom and since I’ve been stuck at the pub most days, since the country has reopened slightly, I’ve only recently made it out to have a drink! A friend suggested that for our first proper outing that we go and check out Mother Kelly’s in Stratford. They have five locations around London with this particular one being nestled under one of the many new property developments that are continuously cropping up in Stratford. Usually people think of taprooms as being attached to a brewery themselves, however Mother Kelly’s sources beer from a variety of different brewers in a whole host of styles to provide a great selection for drinkers.

As mentioned, this Mother Kelly’s venue is situated in a lovely spot in Stratford City with a gorgeous little park in front of it. Open Wednesday to Monday, with current restrictions it only has seating available outside. That said there are plenty of tables, with a decent number under a bit of cover as well for those damper days. Once May 17th rolls around I can certainly imagine that they will be seating people inside and will have no trouble filling their tables up. Mother Kelly’s Stratford has 20 beer lines available that they are slowly filling up with unique beers as they get busier and restrictions lift. I can see myself struggling to get through the whole selection when they have 20 unique beers on, but I’ll do my best to give it a shot!

Left: Orbit Beers – Tzatziki Sour Right: Yonder Brewing – Raspberry Gose.

Naturally as a craft beer taproom they had a very solid selection of brews that my friend and I did our best to make a dent in. The first, and probably best, beer I had all session was a Tzatziki sour from London based Orbit Beers. Sounded weird as hell and my first thought was there is no way this is going to taste like it says and also be good. Yet somehow it was. Mint, yoghurt and cucumber all blended well into an amazingly refreshing sour beer. Other brews we had included a sessionable and fruity raspberry gose from Yonder, Exale Brewing’s core range Pale ale and I also rounded off with a Lost and Grounded Baltic porter called ‘Running With Spectres’ which was ideal as the weather began to turn. Every single beer I had was fantastic, full of flavour and in all honesty pretty good value for money considering where we were. Almost all the options I thought were fairly priced for the quality of the beers.

Left: Brew By Numbers – 05 Mosiac IPA Right: Lost and Grounded – Running With Spectres

Overall I had an absolute cracker of a time at Mother Kelly’s even though the weather was cold. As it’s all table service at the moment it can be tricky sometimes pumping the beers out but it was all very rapid and we sometimes got the beers before our server had even left us! All the staff were super friendly, chatty and accommodating, letting me grab a couple snaps of the inside as well. They also run as a bottle shop and have two massive fridges stocked full of beers from a whole host breweries. However, these are noticeably pricier than the draft selection but naturally there are some cans in there you wont find in other places. Additionally, the bathroom sink uses a beer tap handle which I think is the quirkiest thing I’ve seen in a toilet and I love it! Absolutely cannot wait to go back and try out whatever new beers they have on tap when they open inside!

Thanks for taking the time to read my Taproom Talk. I absolutely love doing these so any feedback is always welcome! If you’ve ever been to Mother Kelly’s let me know what you think and if I’ve missed anything important out drop me a comment!

Additional Information:

Address: 27-30 Victory Parade, E20 1FS



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