Beer Review: Rolling Palace II/III/IV – Black Isle Brewery

Rolling Palace II

A lot of breweries feature a single hop series where the base of the beer stays the same and the only aspect that changes is the hop used. ‘Rolling Palace’ is Black Isle Brewery’s Single Hop Series. The original beer started as a one off but was so popular that the decided to create a series from it. I picked up versions two, three and four and thought it would be interesting to write a joint review on the three to really see the different flavours various hops can produce. As they are all the same base beer they all come in at 6% ABV too!

In chronological order we will start with Rolling Palace II which is brewed with Amarillo hops. The beer pours a burnt orange to dark straw colour with a great foamy, white head. There is a very strong citrus aroma, particularly of clementine. Flavourwise is exactly the same. Lots of grapefruit and lemon zest coming through with touches of tangerine sweetness. Quite hoppy but with a soft rolling bitterness.

Rolling Palace III

Next up is Rolling Palace III which was brewed with Idaho 7! Similar colour to the previous iteration although a touch lighter. Light, fruity passion fruit aroma with orange zest mixed in. Bags of tropical fruits on the body but certainly a bit more on the bitter side. There is definitely passion fruit coming through with a little bit of mango on the end. Very easy drinking and packed with flavour.

Rolling Palace IV

Number 4 in the Rolling Palace series is brewed with Azacca hops. It pours a fairly clear, but still a little hazy, gold colour with another fantastic bold head to it. The aroma is really interesting and reminds me a lot like mango chutney, much like the kind you pair with a curry. There is a sweet fruity front to the body with some classic tropical fruit flavours with the back end of the beer transitioning into a light piney bitterness. Very refreshing and tasty and I actually think it’s a beer that would go quite well with a curry!

A quick note on the can arts: Much like the beer inside, the base design of each can is the same. The Rolling Palace in the name is in reference to a caravan. I like series that keep the same style and just edit the colours a little bit! Simple, stylised and effective.

While not the most exciting beers out there I think single hop beers are a fantastic way for brewers to show off a bit of skill in the way they bring forward a specific hops flavour profile. From a drinkers perspective, I really enjoyed trying these in close proximity to each other. I got to appreciate how different each hop can be and I think it helps when picking out flavours in beers with multiple hops in them. When talking specifically about these beers from Black Isle I’d say they were all very good brews. Refreshing, well balanced and easy drinking. Can’t ask for much more than that!

Rolling Palace II – Score 7.5/10

Rolling Palace III – Score 8/10

Rolling Palace IV – Score 8/10

Additional Information (Punk IPA)

  • Hops: Amarillo/Idaho 7/Azacca
  • Malt: Not Available
  • IBU: Not Available
  • ABV: 6%
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: Yes!

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