Beer Review: Wee Zesty – 71 Brewing Co.

Lidl supermarkets are still on fine form when it comes to stocking a fairly wide variety of craft beers, particularly from Scottish breweries. Dundee’s 71 Brewing have been a staple in the Lidl lineup with a variety of styles and varying quality. Today’s review is titled ‘Wee Zesty’ and it is a 4% ‘Slushy’ Sour flavoured with Lemon Verbena.

Despite the photo, the beer pours a mostly clear, golden colour. The head, surprisingly, held on for quite a while considering it is a sour beer. The nose on the beer certainly gives that reminder of lemon sherbet I believe they were going for, with a hint of the lemon juice you get in squeezy bottles. While the body is a little thin and the beer a bit flat I quite like the flavour. Certainly got that lemon sherbet vibe in the taste while also reminding me of those cheap lemon slushies you get at the fun fair or by the beach on holiday.

A quick note on the can art: Keeps in style with most 71 Brewing cans. Bright and vibrant colouring while also giving me slight 80s disco vibes.

While not a mind blowing sour, I quite like it. That initial tartness is certainly there but, perhaps with it being so light, there could be a bit more flavour pushing around the can. It’s clean drinking and if you’re not a a major sour beer fan I think this a solid way to get into the style. A refreshing, crushable session sour ideal for summers in the garden.

Score: 6.5/10

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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Additional Information:

Style: Sour

Hops: Not Available

Malt: Not Available

IBU: Not Available

ABV: 4%

Gluten Free: No

Vegan: Yes!


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