Beer Review: Staffie – Hammerton

I’ve got a rather interesting beer to review today. Hammerton, over the New Year period created a beer especially for hospitality workers and gave it out for free to all customers. Naturally, as a pub manager, this included a case for myself and the team. Named ‘Staffie’, which for those who don’t know, is a drink you get after finishing your shift. They’ve brewed this … Continue reading Beer Review: Staffie – Hammerton

Beer Review: Chicha Sour – Hammerton

I’ve noticed North London based Hammerton are big into the funky flavoured stout but this sour beer from them really peaked my interest. ‘Chicha Sour’ is a beer made from Maize Morado, also known as Peruvian Purple Corn. The beer is based on Chicha Morada which is a traditional Peruvian soft drink and comes in at 4.9% ABV. After hearing the description from one of … Continue reading Beer Review: Chicha Sour – Hammerton

Beer Review: City of Cake – Hammerton Brewery

Hammerton Brewery is a first time feature on the blog but not new for me personally. As a London based brewery I’ve had some of their core range on draft a few times, particularly their N1 pale ale. We’ve also had their flagship beer ‘Crunch’, a peanut butter stout, on draft at work before! This beer, ‘City of Cake’ is a Chocolate Fudge Cake Stout, … Continue reading Beer Review: City of Cake – Hammerton Brewery