Beer Review: Marshmallow Milk Stout – Barney’s Beer

We are taking part in Stout Sunday today with another from the Lidl Scottish Beer Fest range! This is from Barney’s Beer in Edinburgh and is their Marshmallow Milk Stout. At the 2018 Scottish Beer Awards this stout won the Bronze Award, so I’d argue expectations are certainly slightly higher. Coming in it a strong 7.4% ABV let’s get into this review!

The beer pours a ruby black colour with a very small light tan head, that dissipates quickly. There isn’t too much on the nose but a slight vanilla sweetness with the typical roasted malt notes. The beer tastes amazing in all honesty. You’ve got the classic coffee and chocolate flavours you often expect from a porter. There’s also a sweetness in it that I imagine is attempting to emulate marshmallow. Despite the slightly boozy finish the beer has a smooth mouth feel due to the added lactose, making it surprisingly drinkable for a 7.4%.

A quick note on the bottle art: It’s dead simple. But the pink and black really works and in my mind so does the simple design. No frills just tells you what it is.

I paid £1.69 for this beer. For that price this is a fantastic bargain. For stouts of this ABV you usually get charged far more than that simply due to the ABV. However, this is also a cracking stout. Certainly one for my dangerous beer category because if it is slightly chilled it goes down way too easy for the alcohol content! If you like a strong stout with good, classic flavours I certainly recommend picking this up if they are still about.

Score: 8/10

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

Additional Information:

  • Hops: Not Available
  • Malt: Pale Malt, Choco Malt, Black Malt, Lactose Sugar
  • IBU: Not Available
  • ABV: 7.4%
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: No
  • Purchase Price: £1.69
  • Purchase Location: Lidl

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