Beer Review: Crusaders of the Atom – Wylam Brewery

I’ve still got some of my Wylam birthday brews to try and I thought I’d go for their lightest ABV offering from the batch. ‘Crusaders of the Atom’ is a sesssion pale ale coming in at 3.8% ABV. I’m so used to having bigger, boozier beers at the moment that it’s nice to fall back on something lighter and see if the brewer can still get a session beer to pack that same flavour punch.

Visually, the beer pours a gorgeous pale, cloudy apple juice colour with a light white head. A bold aroma of citrus fruits, particularly that of blood orange and grapefruit, but with a touch of pineapple chunk in the background. A decent body to the brew for a session beer. Lovely and juicy flavour with a great citrus hop throughout. The beer rounds off on a nice crisp finish.

A quick note on the can art: These Wylam beers have had some stunning yet slightly weird artwork. I also enjoy the way the beer information sits in the middle.

While it describes itself as a small pale, it is anything but small in the flavour. This is a really solid and tasty session beer with lots going on. The star of the show is the Citra hops as they come through very clearly both on the nose and the body. As to be expected, it is also a very drinkable beer. Slips down very easy and I could see myself knocking back a few of these in the summer sun. It appears that Wylam is able to produce fantastic beers across the spectrum from big boozy IPA’s to lighter pales like this. Good stuff!

Score: 8.5/10

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Additional Information:

  • Hops: Citra BBC, El Dorado T90
  • Malt: Not Available
  • IBU: Not Available
  • ABV: 3.8%
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: Yes!

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