Campfire, Two Tribes Brewery

Today we return to one of my favourite aspects of the blog: Taproom Talk! Courtesy of work I got the opportunity to visit North London base Two Tribes’ very new taproom. Having only just opened when restriction began lifting on April 12th Campfire is situated in the Tileyard, North London in between Camden and Islington and surrounded by various music studios and offices. The taproom encompasses a well sized, open space with plenty of covered, communal seating, around a large campfire, as well as some more private booths. It’s open Monday to Friday from 8:30am (if you need that beer fix before work) until 10pm and from midday till 10pm on Saturday’s.

I also got to have a little peak at the actualy brewery itself when I was their, courtesy of Jess who works at the company! What is now their brew-house used to be not only the brewery but also the taproom and their offices as well. I can imagine they are pleased to have been able to increase their brewing capacity while simultaneously moving their taproom into such a great open space. I always love getting to have a little peak behind the scenes at breweries and the smell that wafts at you as you walk in is great!

Arguably, one of the most important aspects of a taproom is the beer flowing from said taps. Campfire has a whole host of beers ready to go from Two Tribes’ core series of beers like the classic Dream Factory pale ale as well as their lovely Mariachi lager which I’ve had many times before. Alongside these they have some banging specials. I had a pint of ‘Human’ which is a Spelt lager: a style of beer I’ve never had before. Refreshing, clean and classic lager but with a little touch of pepper that made it really unique. I also tasted a few of the sour beers from their New Romantic series. My favourite of which was the Calamansi Lime sour, which I’ve had again since in can. Sharp, tangy and citrusy. Great drinking in the current weather. In addition to serving pints, they also ahve a fridge full of their cans to take away too.

Campfire, appropriately, has BBQ as the primary food offering! Sadly, I was there too early to try anything as they open up at 6pm but as far as I’m concerned it just means I’ll have to make another trip up. Provided by ‘From The Ashes’ the food looked and smelt simply divine. The story behind name is that it was setup by three chefs who had lost their jobs due to coronavirus and the following lockdown. They’ve ‘risen from the ashes’ to produce what appears to be some banging BBQ. On Monday’s and Tuesday’s they have some guest chefs in instead to provide a variety of different treats early in the week.

I had an absolutely belter of a time at Campfire and I will most certainly be making a return trip over the summer with some mates. I can imagine that when that fire is roaring on a cool summers night it is a sight to behold. Easy drinking beers in a fantastic setting, not much more you could ask for. Once again thank you to Jess for giving me a quick brewery tour and hosting and to all the staff that put up with me taking photos. It’s always greatly appreicated!

Additional Information:

Address: Tileyard studios, Tileyard Rd, London N7 9AH



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