Beer Review: Key Lime Lager – Tiny Rebel Brewing Co.

This review will be the first of many Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. beers to appear on my blog in the near future. This is because I have decide to be incredibly self indulgent and buy their ‘One of Everything’ pack which, as the name suggests, is one of all the beers they currently offer. It’s actually something I wish more breweries did as I’m always keen to try new things but don’t want fork out on 10 four-packs to try 10 new beers! Anyway, the first entry in this saga is their rather self explanatory Key Lime Lager.

As you would expect from a lager, visually the beer is fairly clear with a golden hue to it. Decent level of carbonation as well. Aroma wise you get a really lovely hit of lime, with a slight sweetness to the smell. The best way to describe the flavour of this beer is it is very much a lager lime. A good quality lager with a splash of lime cordial is the essence of this drink. Tangy with a bit of sweetness and a smooth finish makes these go down very easily. The tag line is ‘Summer Vibes all year round’ and I’d argue this is a very good beer to knock a few back in the sun. Helped very much by the fact it is only 4.8%!

A quick note on the can art: Not the most artistically mind blowing, but it is bright, vibrant and punchy. If these were on a supermarket shelf you’d be drawn to it immediately.

I’m personally not a lager lime drinker although I’m certainly not opposed to whacking a wedge of lime in a Corona or Sol. However, it certainly does what it says on the tin and while perhaps on the sweet side for my tastes, it is most definitely light, refreshing and packed full of lime. It’s a really good twist on your typical lagers and I’m excited to tuck into the other fifteen Tiny Rebel beers I have!

Score: 8/10

Additional Information:

  • Hops: Not Available
  • Malt: Not Available
  • IBU: Not Available
  • ABV: 4.8%
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: Yes!
  • Purchase Location: Tiny Rebel Web-shop

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