Beer Review: Ghost Pepper Saison – Ghostfish Brewing Company

My Dad was recently reminiscing about the last time he was in the US of A when he’d had a lovely gluten free beer in Seattle. After a bit of digging the brewery in question of said beer was Ghostfish. Distributed exclusively in the UK by Taylor’s Gluten Free Beer Network ( at a very reasonable price, he bought himself a mixed case to reminisce. This is the weirdest of the bunch, a ghost pepper saison style beer brewed 100% gluten free with ingredients including malted rice and buckwheat.

Pineapple juice in the colour with a dense pure white head. A rather oaty, porridge like nose with a hint of fruit. First off in the flavour you get a big old hit of chilli spice. Particularly in the head as the bubbles concentrate that flavour. However, as you continue drinking that spice settles into a background role, complimenting the beer. The body reminds you of a rice wine almost with a slightly herbal or floral taste as well. There’s a decent carbonation to the beer and the finish leaves you with a tingling spice.

A quick note on the can art: A fiery design to match the contents of this beer. Flame coloured with the breweries logo as the centerpiece of the can.

This has got to be one of the most interesting brews I’ve ever had. The heat from the notorious ghost pepper is done just right in my opinion. The after burn on the finish is actually really pleasant. The main body of the beer is nice but nothing super exciting flavour wise but perhaps the heat would have ruined the beer if the core was packed with contrasting flavour as well. It’s also very impressive that this is a beer made with malted rice. My first saison (and Ghostfish beer) has peaked my interest and I’m very keen to pick up the style again.

Score: 7/10

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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