Beer Review: Blonde – Black Isle Brewery

Back to the Black Isle core range with their unfiltered lager; Blonde. I’ve got some incredibly funky beers on the way from Fourpure so these classic style beers from Black Isle Brewery are a nice intermediary. This lager comes in at a nice 4.5% ABV.

Visually the beer has a straw/gold hue to it. The slightest haze coming from the unfiltered nature of the lager. On the nose the beer has real piney and grassy aromas. There’s also definite citrus notes as well, predominately lemon mixed in there. The malts really come through in the flavour of the beer and are balanced with a lovely crisp dryness as well. The ideal carbonation for a lager with a good body to it makes this incredibly refreshing to drink.

A quick note on the can art: A very quick note. It’s the same as the Goldfinch but green.

A fantastic quality lager and the exact kind you want in the pub. Quite complex with the malts and dryness compared to your bog standard lagers but it is not trying to be overly clever. Once again this beer is of course organic and also vegan, making it the ideal brewery if that is your jam. Potentially the best lager I’ve reviewed so far? I’d argue yes.

Score: 8.5/10

Thanks for reading! Cheers!

Additional Information:

  • Hops: Not Available
  • Malt: Not Available
  • IBU: 25
  • ABV: 4.5%
  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: Yes!
  • Purchase Location:

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